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Drawing Miss Buns.

6 Feb

Ink sketch.

I spent some hours today with my delightful 12-year old great niece, Miss Buns, who hung out in my studio after school. I thought it might be a good idea to draw her so she settled into a big armchair and I started scribbling. Unfortunately, a 12-year old’s idea of ‘keeping still’ is very different to mine and she fidgeted, wriggled and giggled her way through a half hour or so and each time she moved or pulled a face, I had to start a new sketch. Then she got bored so I suggested that she draw me and we swapped places. I snuggled down into the chair with my little sketchbook and drew her drawing me. It was much better because she was concentrating and was quite still.

I find children and young people difficult to draw because their faces and features are very soft and don’t really suit my pen drawing, but frankly I’m too lazy to do delicate tonal values with pencils and they’re generally unwilling to stay still for any decent length of time, which leaves photos, which I’m also not keen on. I preferred one of the quicker sketches I did of her while she was fidgeting, but she squealed in horror when I showed her the one I wanted to blog and made me promise to put this one up, because it’s the one she likes. She did quite a reasonable drawing of me too.


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