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Cosy Couple At The Blood Clinic

7 Feb

Ink sketch: at the blood clinic.

Today I accompanied a young relative to an appointment at a hospital in a nearby town. The whole process took around two hours, shifting around the hospital to different departments, but I had my sketchbook and a couple of pens so I made good use of the time and no-one was safe from my scribbling. This elderly couple sat opposite in the blood clinic, which was packed out with people waiting to have their skin pricked and their blood tested. There was a little machine dispensing numbered tickets like the Deli department in Sainsbury’s supermarket. It seemed a bit odd but I guess it ensures fairness. She was a lot older and I guessed he might have been a relative accompanying her – or her him. The skin on her face was stretched very tightly across her skull. They both kept their rather natty hats on while they waited, despite the hospital being over-heated and he had loads of layers on under his puffa jacket, while she wore a rather nice Duffle coat. I’ve always like Duffle coats, although I haven’t had one since my student Duffle finally fell apart when I was in my ’30’s. It lasted well. In fact, I might get myself a new one; there are some sprauncy ones around this winter – maybe wait for the sales?

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