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A Stroppy Fish Out Of Water

8 Feb

Ink sketch: mother to be.

Another drawing from my hospital visit yesterday, accompanying my young relative to the ante-natal clinic. It was a weird place, not somewhere I enjoyed being. I thought it was a bit like a meat market if I’m honest. There wasn’t a problem with the medical staff, who seemed very kind, patient and helpful, but the surroundings and bureaucratic processes made the experience very institutionalised. I’m so glad I’m in rude good health and don’t have much experience of hospitals, clinics and surgeries because with my stroppy and anarchic nature, I’d be an Impatient rather than a Patient. I found it discomfiting and I felt like a fish out of water, but all I had to do was sit down, shut up and sketch which suited me.

This young woman looked exhausted and fed up [in fact all but one of the mothers-to-be looked tired and fed up]. She had her hair pulled up into a very tight ponytail which made her face look rather gaunt, increasing the impression of tiredness. It was freezing outside and she was dressed in many layers and she rested her hand on her baby, like many  mothers-to-be. The sketch is done in a Pilot DR drawing pen [size 0.5] into my lovely little cat-themed sketchbook.

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