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Welsh Cakes, Swansea Jack And Ladies Who Lunch.

9 Feb

Ink sketch: ladies lunching.

Managed to catch Husb’s cold so I wasn’t feeling too good at the studio this morning; by midday I had an urge for hot chocolate and a Welsh Cake – unusual because I don’t have a sweet tooth but I’ve noticed that I like chocolate and cakes much more when I’m unwell. I wandered down to a little cafe called Starvin’ Jacks as they make their own Welsh Cakes. Jacks is the nickname for people from Swansea and it’s supposed to have come from a famous dog, Swansea Jack, who rescued many people from drowning around the Swansea coastline back in the 1930’s. There is a memorial to him near the beach opposite the old cricket ground.

I settled into a chair about halfway along the cafe, facing the window, and commenced scribbling. These elderly ladies were lunching happily with friends. The hot chocolate came with lashings of whipped cream and a small chocolate flake and the Welsh Cake was spicy and delicious. Coupled with the Beecham’s Powder I took before going to the cafe, I was fortified for a couple more hours and managed to get quite a bit more drawing done back at the studio, developing preliminary sketches for a large composition. I drew this in my little cat sketchbook that I had for Xmas. It’s currently my favourite sketchbook, having usurped my little A6 recycled leather-bound sketchbook as soon as I unwrapped it. Do other artists have favourite sketchbooks I wonder?

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