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Two Jugs And A Sugar Bowl

18 Feb

Does what it says on the tin, really. Didn’t have anything interesting to draw today as I spent most of it down at the Print Workshop, printing up a block print and a drypoint and I forgot to take photos of what I did to blog. So I grabbed these and stuck them on a blanket on my pouffe [had to push Ming the Merciless off first. She went off in a huff]. Quickly sketched them because I’m trying hard to draw everyday, no matter what other artwork I’m doing. It’s not easy. Those wobbly ellipses and the foreshortening – oooof! Especially the little fat jug at the back. People are so much easier to draw. Maybe I should force myself to do some still lives for practice – or penance lol 🙂


Better go and apologise to Ming the Merciless now. Cats have ways of getting revenge!

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