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The Artist Speaks And Wales Wins

25 Feb

Ink sketches: heads at the gallery.Above: Scribbled heads and notes on installing artworks in a three dimensional space and how it alters them.

Husb and I visited the Keith Bayliss exhibition at the Mission Gallery again today for a talk by the artist. It was a good opportunity to scribble plenty of faces as well as to listen to a very experienced artist explaining his work and his art practice. Keith is a warm, practical and very dedicated artist who has moved away from his usual practice as a painter to create a site-specific installation combining painting with sculpture and sound collage.

The interviewer sits in front of one of Keith’s wall-mounted sculptures.

I often find installations very hit or miss, but Keith’s expertise and artistry have created a work of beauty, serenity and exceptional craftsmanship. He spoke with humour and humility about the exhibition and the experience of being an artist, emphasising the need to draw every day, because drawing is the artist’s ‘writing’, it’s how we express ourselves. He also cautioned against becoming complacent, “When you think your pencil drawing looks really good, stop and switch to charcoal.” I find it’s too easy to stay in my comfort zone when I’m drawing and book onto drawing courses because other artist / teachers force me to try out different drawing methods and it always benefits me.

 A Bayliss sculpture in the foreground, some avid listeners and a Bayliss painting behind.

There were several large moustaches in the audience. More than you’d normally see at any one time. Then we came back for the Wales vs England rugby match. Very tight game and England played very well, but Wales won in a nailbiting finish. Husb is a happy man!

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