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An Exploding Corpse In Charcoal

27 Feb

Charcoal and pastel drawing.


Today I was forced right out of my comfort zone. I normally scribble away in tiny ink pens into tiny sketchbooks but this morning I enrolled onto a creative drawing workshop led by Keith Bayliss, whose exhibition, The Enclosed Garden is at Mission Gallery in Swansea. After some warm-up exercises on A1 paper using nothing but charcoal and our hands, Keith set us the task of drawing one of his beautiful, ethereal sculptures, using charcoal and chalky pastels, again onto A1 paper [it’s actually bigger than that as I added another half a sheet to complete it]. About as far from my comfort zone as it’s possible to be.

I really got into the challenge, although after an hour I realised that opting to sprawl on the floor to draw was not a good idea with my aged arthritic knees – serve my own right for tearing round on motorbikes in a miniskirt in my wild youth. It’ll get you in the end. Or in the knees in my case lol.

I like the result, although it looks like an exploding corpse, not at all like Keith’s  delicate gentle soul. It says a lot about me. That’s a bit worrying 😉


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