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Footsore And Florentines

2 Mar
Ink sketch: Ruskin's Tea Rooms.

Ink sketch: Ruskin's Tea Rooms.

Had a busy morning in London earlier in the week and ended up at one of my favourite places, a tiny tearooms called Ruskins tucked away down Museum Street, opposite one of my other favourite places, The British Museum. I was footsore and tired and badly in need of a nice cuppa tea tea and one of Ruskin’s delicious giant Florentines to pick me up. The tea was lovely and came in a big pot. The Florentine was just fabulous. I’m not normally too keen on sweet things but I make an exception for one of these. I sat back and sketched the table but I couldn’t resist picking away at the Florentine. I like the way my reflection is distorted in the pot.It fortified me after a morning shopping for printmaker’s supplies and got me ready for an afternoon at the British Museum. But that’s for another blog 🙂

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