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Masks At The Museum

3 Mar

Ink drawing: Masks at the Museum.


Had a quickie visit to London earlier this week and spend an afternoon at one of my favourite places on the planet, The British Museum. Oh Joy! I’ve visited many times and still haven’t seen it all. What to choose? Where to go? I started off in the African section, downstairs. Beautiful. Exquisite art, especially the bronze sculptures. I was really taken with these masks. Larger than life, one female, one male and both beautifully carved in wood and decorated with paint, raffia and fur. The male mask, on the right, had three fur protuberances coming from his head that looked exactly like giant Taratula legs.

I strolled through the Sutton Hoo exhibition in the Medieval section, amazing metalwork, tiny jewellery – how did they make that with such basic technology? One of the museum experts was sitting at a table with some artefacts on it and you could just go up and find out about them. I had a long chat with her about medieval Limoge enamelled reliquaries – how geeky is that? It was brilliant. And all free. We’re so lucky to have all this culture to experience. More about my British Museum visit tomorrow 🙂

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