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Spying and Scribbling

4 Mar

Ink sketch: Museum Kids.

Here are some more sketches from my London trip earlier in the week. I had a great afternoon at The British Museum, but tramping round galleries is really tiring. I know, people will be thinking, “Yeah. What a wimp. Try some real work!” 😉 But you’re on your feet for hours, pacing and looking at stuff. So obviously you need lots of tea breaks. So I had a bit of a rest in the coffee shop – had a nice pot of tea – and sketched these children at the next table. They were totally absorbed in looking at the things they’d bought in the museum shop. They sat under a HUGE totem pole.

Ink sketch: man at the tube station.

But all good things must end and I had to leave the wonderful museum and head back to Paddington for the train home. Had a bit of a wait at Notting Hill tube station so I sketched this man reading with the Victorian brick arches in the background. I’ve never had a problem finding people to sketch because most are so engrossed in their own little world that they don’t notice me spying and scribbling them. I wonder if any of them will ever see this blog and recognise themselves?

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