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Albert Hall, Egon Schiele And A Birthday Boy.

27 Mar

Ink sketch: The Albert Hall.

Another unusually hot and sunny day in Swansea so I took advantage of the second floor fire escape again and drew another aspect of the rooftops, focussing on the top of The Albert Hall in Cradock Street which is next door to the other Elysium studios and gallery. It opened in the 1860’s as a music hall and later became a cinema and then a bingo hall, but it’s been empty for the past five years and is deteriorating and there’s a local campaign to save it. Quite a few of Swansea’s historic buildings are in a poor state of repair and it seems that there’s little that anyone can do about it. It’s a pity that they managed to survive the Blitz but are likely to be destroyed by indifference.

I’ve had a bit of a creative block so I did some charcoal and pastel studies from a couple of Egon Schiele’s watercolours to loosen me up and get the creative juices flowing. It worked and I feel energised and motivated again. I adore Egon Schiele. Can’t wait to get back to the studio tomorrow. Husb and I went straight from the studio to visit our little great nephew who is eight today. It was lovely sitting with four generations of family, aged between 4 and 80. We’re very priviledged to live in a time and place where people have health and longevity so that little ones can grow up alongside their great-great aunts and uncles.

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