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Hanging With Egon.

28 Mar

Drawing in charcoal and pastels after Egon Schiele.

I’ve been a bit short on the creative juices the past couple of days so I did some sketchbook studies of works by Egon Schiele. I adore Schiele and find his art inspirational. I didn’t try to slavishly copy his drawings, but rather to analyse and interpret them using charcoal and pastels. I often find when I study historical artists who work with the human figure that the bodies are distorted. Nigel Spivey picks up on this in his excellent book How Art Made The World. Schiele’s figures usually look exaggerated anyway but this one is well weird, the left leg and foot couldn’t possibly be like that in real life, but he’s distorted them to fit his vision – or maybe to fit his paper :).

I feel like I’ve been shaken out of my comfort zone by hanging out with Egon for a couple of days and am feeling more confident about a big project I’m about to tackle. More on that as it progresses. And now I’m off for a busy night, first to the opening of the new exhibition, with cake and ale, and then to the Swansea Steampunk Meet at Mozarts, with Earl Grey Tea and corsets.

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