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A Male Model And A Snowy Mespilus.

30 Mar

Charcoal and pastel drawing: male nude.

I love the life drawing sessions at Swansea Print Workshop. They’re quiet and intense but also friendly and it’s a joy to work with such professional models. This is an older model who has a fantastic air of stateliness, even when unclothed and I have done many sketches of him that have been developed into monotypes and fully worked-up drawings. I normally work with a small ink pen into a tiny sketchbook, usually an A6, but I’m trying to push out of my comfort zone at the moment and did this one last night in compressed charcoal and chalky pastels into an A3 pad over the two pages. It’s a lovely creamy Bockingford-type paper, heavy and textured.

Digital photograph: our amelanchier tree.

This evening, after a long day at the studio, I hung out in our back garden in the lovely Spring sunshine and admired our amelanchier lamarkii which has just burst into bloom and is smothered in gorgeous starry flowers. It’s also known as the snowy mespilus in Britain and has deliciously sweet berries later in the year. We usually manage to eat a few but we have a family of blackbirds that return to the area every year and they gorge themselves on the berries, so we leave most of them for the birds. It’s a joy to watch them from the window, the parents introducing the little birdlets to the amelanchier berries. I have to keep an eye on Sparta the psychokitty though or else the blackbirds will end up as cat fodder.

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