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A Man Constrained [parental guidance – male nudity]

9 Apr

Graphite life drawing.

When I’m at life drawing group I prefer poses that turn the body in on itself in some way, I guess that reflects me and my somewhat dystopic view of life, the universe and everything. I like to draw ‘off-the-page’ and have done so for as long as I can remember, since I was a small child. It’s as if I’ve always felt that people are boxed in, that there are invisible boundaries around us. Some of my lecturers at art college used to try and persuade me to draw an entire figure within the one page, but I rarely managed it. It doesn’t matter how big the piece of paper – and I’ve worked on some huge ones, the figures are nearly always cut off by the edges at some point.

This is our soldier model. I’ve drawn him in two different grades of graphite – 6B and 9B into an A3 Bockingford sketchbook over the double page. I’m pleased with this and I think it may make a good full-colour monotype so I’ll take it into the studio tomorrow and work it up into a full-size drawing, probably onto some Somerset Velvet or Fabriano paper. Our model is exceptionally fit. This was a tortuously twisted pose, rather like a contraposto in Mannerist art and he held it for a full hour. At the end, he had weals across his thighs from the edges of the chair.

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