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Sprogs And Curiosities

14 Apr

Ink sketch: a cabinet of curiosities.

It’s been a varied holiday week, saying goodbye at the funeral of a teacher and mentor, Pat Briggs; saying hello to a new little great nephew, as yet unnamed but in the Welsh tradition already nicknamed, Ffredi [which is Welsh for Freddy :)] and two days babysitting small family sprogs. Not a lot of time for art but what the heck, it’s holiday week. Yesterday my sprog-sitting duties took in the latest exhibition by Claire Morgan at Swansea’s Mission Gallery and then off to the old Swansea Museum, forever known to the family children as ‘The Mouse Museum’. While they explored the old Victorian building on the museum’s mouse hunt, I sketched some of the contents of one of the cabinet of curiosities. Dylan Thomas once described it as “the museum that should be in a museum” because it’s so traditional and that’s what I like so much about it. No high tech novelty stuff, just a proper old-fashioned respoitory for curiosities, a relaxed ambience and friendly, slightly eccentric staff [in the nicest possible way].

As I was sketching the collection above, one of the staff wandered past, showing a small group of people around and telling a rather scary story of all the supernatural sightings that have allegedly happened in the very room I was in. I don’t buy into the supernatural at all but I can understand why people think there’s something a bit strange going on at the museum, it’s a very spooky place. There was nothing at all linking the three objects I drew, a South American pot, an African statuette and something labelled only as ‘A Curious Object’ that looked like a cross between a scabbard and a bean pod. I used my Pilot Hi-Techpoint V5 pen size 0.5mm into my A6 Paper Blanks cat-themed sketchbook.


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