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Cats And Seaweed

16 Apr

Ink sketches: cat throwing shapes

Today I fancied doing some tehnical exercises in my sketchbook, just for a few minutes, so I squinted my eyes and drew the outline shapes thrown by my little cat Sparta. It’s not that easy because the second you start to draw a cat, they fidget. Even when they’re asleep! It didn’t take long to scribble these and it helps to analyse positive and negative shapes and to improve accuracy. They’re not pretending to be great art, but in my opinion artists, like all other professionals, need to practice regularly.

Earlier I cooked up some traditional Welsh laverbread to go with locally cured sausage and bacon from Pontiets for our tea. I scraped the glutinous laver into the pan and put its plastic pot on the table. When I turned back, Sparta was on the table [naughty girl], licking the remains of the laver with relish. In my experience, cats are quite conservative eaters, generally preferring only food that can be caught and killed so I was really surprised to see her tucking into laverbread. Must be celebrating her Welsh heritage :).


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