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A Brand New Life Drawing

19 Apr

Charcoal and pastel life drawing.

Just got back from life-drawing group at Swansea Print Workshop. We had a very experienced model this evening who also models at our local university. She has one of those Dutch ‘peasant’ faces that Van Gogh used to paint, like in the Potato Eaters. I mean this in the nicest way – very interesting features. I’ve been reading my new book about David Hockney and he’s been going on about how the more we artists look, the more we see and he’s certainly right about that. When you just glance at people you only take in a little impression but when you really look, all sorts of colours appear. Well, they do to me anyway 🙂


I particularly like drawing these scrunched-up, foetal poses. This is drawn with compressed charcoal and oil pastels into my A3 Bockingford sketchbook, which has a lovely creamy paper, used double-sided.

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