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Posh And Tat In Tenby

20 Apr

Ink sketch: the old bookshop down Quay Hill, Tenby.

Had a day off today and went to Tenby which is such a gorgeous little place. I love the way it’s a bonkers mix of complete tat and very posh. You can tell it’s posh because the pound shop is a one-pound-twenty shop ;). Right in the middle is the old section surrounded by the medieval town walls, dating in part from the 13th century. Then the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian bits circle around it, teetering onto impossibly sheer cliff faces overhanging the beaches. We delivered a load of prints from Swansea Print Workshop to the White Lion Gallery which is having an exhibition throughout May [I have some work in it] and then we strolled around the old harbour on North Beach. The cliff path is a great place for foraging; today we picked a load of wild cliff cabbage which I cooked for tea with lardons, brandy and cream. We met another forager who pointed out some Alexanders – I’d wanted to try them for years but have never been able to identify them. We swapped recipes for wild garlic and chatted about Richard Mabey’s book, Food For Free, which had it’s fortieth anniversary recently. He also wrote Flora Brittanica, which I love.

The sketch is looking down from the top of Quay Hill into the North Beach harbour, with a little old bookstore half way down. Husb went to explore in it while I drew and he said you couldn’t turn around quickly in case piles of books toppled over onto you. It’s drawn into my little Paperblanks Fantastic Felines sketchbook that I love. I had it for Xmas and it’s nearly finished now.

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