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Weird Aliens

23 Apr

Ink sketch: making pies.

We do some regular sprog-sitting [sorry I’ve been informed she’s a teenager this year, not a sprog] and it’s a chance to try and get to grips with the weird proportions of a child’s head. Their facial features are all scrunched into a much smaller area than an adult and their heads therefore look much larger, with a higher forehead and bigger skull. Like aliens. Their bigger heads then throw out the proportions of the rest of their body. I find them incredibly difficult to draw, but I need to practice.

I’ve been informed that children have bigger heads because they have bigger brains and at least they’re not pinheads like adults. You might have guessed that there’s a young alien looking over my shoulder as I’m writing this. It’s just been in the kitchen making mince pies with Uncle. It makes very good pastry. For an alien……..


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