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My Tiniest Model Ever.

1 May

Ink sketches: baby heads.

So this is my tiniest model ever; my new great-nephew aged eighteen days. He’s adorable. Nevertheless he’s a real pain to draw. Babies and children have such weird heads, all scrunched-up tiny faces set in the bottom bit of an enormous skull. And they’re either bald or have male-pattern baldness [even the girls] or have hair like upended mops. Terrible to draw! Anyway, the little darling was sleeping in the crook of my arm while I balanced my tiny sketchbook on top of him and drew with the other hand using a Faber Castell Pitt size S. I love his little squidged-up hands bent over and around each other, with dimples instead of knuckles. And funny little skinny nostrils. He’s actually much prettier than this. I haven’t done him justice. See how hopelessly in love I am?

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