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Too Modern For My Own Good!

7 May

So anyway, this is the last I’m going to write about the Renaissance drawing sessions I went to last week. I did this drawing towards the end of Day 2, when I was getting pretty frazzled and tired. The aim was to try and draw as the Renaissance masters did, using mostly materials and equipment that they used. The paper was interesting, none of it was white so I was already starting with a mid-tone, which I really enjoyed. I liked this model; I’d never worked with him before,  he has a rather Renaissance type face and hair. I started the drawing using delicate lines in willow charcoal, drawing gently so the lines were very light. Then I worked in some highlights with chalk. And THEN I went and spoiled it all by getting my charcoal and scribbling hard all over it, far too modern!

I found it very difficult to go against my inclinations and stick rigidly to someone ele’s set of rules. The main pre-occupation with Renaissance artists was to capture the underlying ‘divine truth’ that lies behind what we call reality and what they regarded as an illusion. However, I am much more influenced by twentieth century European Expressionism and the urge to let myself go and indulge in all that surface mark-making was just too much. I couldn’t help myself. Ho hum. Never mind. I learned a lot from the course, particularly in the use of tonal subtleties and drawing drapery. So back to the studio tomorrow, after this sodden Bank Holiday, and straight back into the 21st century 🙂

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