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Tenby, Nelson’s original resting place

8 May

Very droll commentary from a very tongue-in-cheek blogger. Why does royalty take a dim view of a little Welsh seaside town? Is this really the world’s first sarcastic statue? 🙂

Tenby, Nelson’s original resting place.

Three Stages Of Man

8 May

Mixed media drawing.

Back to reality after last week’s Renaissance drawing course and ploughing on with a new large drawing in my studio. I had a life drawing in my sketchbook as a starting point and I worked it up on a piece of stretched Fabriano which had been prepared with rabbit skin glue and washes of thinned acrylic paint in yellow ochre, permanent rose and pthalo blue. I sketched it up with white chalk which took AGES! I’m working to the size of my perspex monotype plate, because this drawing will eventually be used as a template for a full-colour monotype, so I had to distort the original to fit the space. I’m much more comfortable about distorting figures now, after spending some time with Egon Schiele and the Renaissance Masters [in my dreams LOL :)].

Anyway, Stage 1 took about four hours. I’m a pacer; I have to keep turning my back on my work and walking away to have a think about what I’m doing, then walk back, staring at it, trying to work out what to do next. Sometimes I prop it against the wall outside my studio and walk down the entire length of the corridor to the far end, then walk back slowly scrutinising the piece of work, analysing it from different distances. Consequently I’m on my feet for hours at a time and I wear out a lot of carpets. Eventually I was ready to draw in the final linework in willow charcoal [in the middle picture] and then block in around it, again with willow charcoal. Stages 2 and 3 took less than ten minutes.

Now it’s ready to be worked up in compressed charcoal and oil bars and it’s also ready to be traced as a template for the monotype process. A good day’s work, but my feet are awful sore 😦

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