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Hard Feet And The Best Curryhouse

11 May

It’s the end of a tiring week; I’ve had a very productive time in the studio and a good session at the life drawing group, but that means I’ve been on my feet continuously every day and I’m looking forward to some chilling-out time this weekend. We started this evening with a curry at our local first-best-curryhouse-in-the-world, The Vojon, which is just one letter away from the third-worst-poets-in-the-universe, The Vogon [you’ve got to be fans of Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy to get that one].

This is one of the life drawings I did last night. Sometimes when I’m faced with an intimidating expanse of pristine white paper, I just get  handful of pastels and SCRIBBLE ALL OVER IT! Then it’s not intimidating any more. You’ve got to show it who’s Boss. Then I drew over it with compressed charcoal. It was a great pose, I love foreshortening and I used a very free and expressive style with the linework, but her feet…….. oh dear, they were SO hard. I kept drawing them until we ran out of time and I’m still not happy. Sometimes with foreshortening, no matter how accurately you measure and draw some bits, they don’t look right in the drawing because they don’t look right anyway.

Now I’m going to watch The Big Bang Theory on catch-up TV. Goodnight 🙂

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