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Avengers And A Fidget-Free Sprog.

13 May

Castle Square scribbles

Had a very family filled day yesterday with LOADS of relatives calling, so I made a big batch of Welsh cakes on my griddle. They didn’t last long. They never do! I haven’t done any sketchbook drawings for about a week, so, having agreed to babysit a couple of small relations for the afternoon, we strolled around the city centre and stopped in Castle Square for a few minutes, where I scribbled these drawings. The family group was interesting as I usually draw single figures, so getting them in proportion to each other was a good exercise. We took the sprogs to the ‘Mouse’ Museum, which is the old Swansea Museum. It has a mouse trail for children and they never, ever tire of going there to search for the Museum Mouses. Then we popped into the Waterfront Museum round the corner, which had a science club going on – so the little’uns spent a very happy hour making ice cream in plastic bags. It was fantastic, tasted delicious AND kept two small boys occupied for ages.

Ink sketch: young boy.

We kept one of the sprogs for the evening and he desperately wanted to go and see Avengers Assemble in 3D. We saw it last week but the little lad hadn’t and frankly we loved the film so much that we were happy to go see it again. It was just as excellent second time round. It’s now my second favourite film of all time; ‘Some Like It Hot’ being my absolute favourite. We had a few minutes to kill before the show started so I practiced on the sprog – I find it very hard to draw children, they are a weird shape. Just when you think their heads couldn’t be any bigger, they ARE. Anyway, it isn’t a bad likeness and he’s a good model, doesn’t fidget.

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