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Waiting For The Torch

26 May

We spent a happy couple of hours in our friend’s penthouse flat this afternoon, watching the ‘Olympic Torch’ parade go by. I did a couple of quick sketches of the street below while we waited. I normally draw a single figure so it’s good practice to draw groups, especially from a very high vantage point. Here are some people outside Paddy Fields, IMHO the best Chinese takeaway in the city; some of the staff sat out on the roof as well.

Outside the Asian clothes shop, Jasmin, there was a party going on. The shop was decked with Union Jacks and there was a big table laden with snacks outside, for the partygoers and passersby. They carried on for quite a while after the torch had passed. It was a lovely way to spend a couple of hours in a heatwave, it was bearable with a good breeze up that high. We complain when it’s raining, as it does most of the year in Swansea, but seriously, this heatwave is a killer for gingery Celts like me – I’m turning into a giant freckle!

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