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Saturday Night Curry

2 Jun

Went for a Saturday Night Curry with a friend and his little girl, to celebrate his birthday. Best birthday present if you ask me. The food always takes a while at The Vojon, but it’s worth the wait because it’s lovely. They take good care of children too. I sketched the little one peeking from behind the glasses and dishes. She’s a tiny little thing with huge eyes. Once again, I have a problem drawing children because the proportions are so weird; they STILL look like aliens to me. Albeit quite cute aliens. There was a HUGE man in the background with virtually no neck.

I drew it into my little A6 sketchbook, the cat-themed one by Paperblanks [Mediterranean Cats] which I had for Xmas. Only a few pages before I finish it.

Frolic ye not

2 Jun

Oh dear, another madcap history of a little Welsh town. This time it’s Newtown’s turn to be at the receiving end of Notsogreatdictator’s bonkers view of history 😀

Frolic ye not.

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