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Quick Kitteh Scribbles

10 Jun

Some days I really don’t want to draw. Mostly though, I grit my teeth and do it because I don’t want to fall into the trap of being undisciplined. That’s when the cats come in handy. They’re great for speed sketching because, unless they’re snoozing, they don’t keep still for long, they’re very fidgety little animals and that’s what you want when you’re only in the mood to do a few quick scribbles.

So today we had a window of about four hours between one load of torrential rain and the next, so Husb and I went and did some heavy-duty slogging down the allotment. I’d neglected the raspberry bed and it had been taken over by buttercups. Now if anyone goes ‘aaahhhh, lovely’ let me tell you that no matter what perfect childhood memories you may have of reflecting buttercups under your chin, they are the devil’s own flower!!!!!! Ranunculus repens, a pernicious spreading weed that reproduces by seed AND creeping runners. EVIL! Their roots went down further than the raspberry canes and it took me a full four hours to clear the patch. I’ve learned my lesson, I’ll be ripping their nasty little heads off when they first appear in future!

So coming home grumpy and aching, I only had the time and motivation to do these quick little scribbles of the kittehs mooching around the house. In my A6 Paperblanks Mediterranean Cats sketchbook with a Faber Castell Pitt pen, size S.

ps I haven’t chopped the cat’s head off in the top picture – she was bending over 😀


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