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Discipline And Plotting

11 Jun

I’m an expressionist scribbler, preferring to draw freehand as much as possible. But now and again it’s good to get some discipline into my work to refine my technique. Here’s a plotted drawing I did a while back, using a very simple rough grid to plot the main points of the body and relate them to one another with some accuracy. These drawings will never be exhibited but they’re important, because they are the buidling blocks of our trade. These are the sort of things that most people never see – we show our polished, finished art but rarely the steps that lead up to it. I think that by not showing the practice pieces and the sketchbooks and the stages of development, we’re doing ourselves a disservice. How many times have we heard, “a child of six could do it”? Well, y’know, they couldn’t, because they haven’t spent years doing drawings like this to get things exactly right. So there 😛


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