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Model And Me

16 Jun

I’ve been photographing and cataloguing all my old sketchbooks, no small matter, there are dozens. This drawing is 6 years old. I was still using drawing pens but working on size A3 and sketching not just the model, but the life drawing room and whatever was reflected in the large mirrors. Here I am in the background with my well-worn and well-loved Hi Tec Magnum boots. They’re the most comfortable boots I’ve ever had. I bought them in the Army and Navy store. They had trouble getting my size because they’re supposed to be for men and I had to have the smallest ones and still have to pad them out a bit with socks. They have lasted really well, very good value. I first saw them when I did some training with the local police force and most of the officers wore them. I thought they’d look really good with thick woolly tights and a skirt. The chaps didn’t think so! 😀

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