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Gonzo And The Double Cone

18 Jun

More sun today so I took my young niece for an icecream after school. We sat outside the ice-cream parlour overlooking the marina and I scribbled away while she munched her way through a mint-choc-chip-bubble-gum-double-cone. There were two very elderly gents at the next table, taking in the too-rare sunshine and one of them looked, to me anyway, like gonzo-king Hunter S. Thompson might have looked like if he’d survived another couple of decades. So I scribbled him as well. Both sketches took a couple of minutes each and are in HB pencil into a Daler Rowney A6 smooth cartridge, spiral bound sketchbook.


Hunter S. Thompson is probably my favourite author. I particularly love his collaborations with Ralph Steadman, whom I regard as one of Britain’s finest artists, and Steadman’s funny and poignant story of their relationship, The Joke’s Over. The sunshine didn’t last much longer; we walked home in the rain 😦

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