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Finding the perfect pig…

3 Jul

Fascinating blog from the Pontyates charcutier


I returned home a few days ago with a van full of butchery equipment, another high street butcher has closed and I was there picking the carcass of knives, hooks and trays like a vulture. Although I was pretty chuffed with my haul (and a wooden block and some stainless steel tables were to follow), I drove home in silence, there was no radio blaring, I didn’t hum a happy tune or sing to myself. I felt pretty bad to be honest. I don’t know the full ins and outs of the business in question – whether it was the right site, whether it was staff problems, whether they’d expanded to soon but it’s a horrid thing seeing a business come to an end.

I’ve had some troubles these past few weeks myself – the breeder that I’ve been sourcing my animals from has decided to concentrate solely on breeding, rather…

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Addicted to Solar Plates!

3 Jul

After the recent two-day course in photopolymer intaglio at Swansea Print Workshop I’ve become a bit obsessive to say the least and I am going into the workshop tomorrow to proof print the 4 A6 plates I completed last week and to expose another three plates from scratch. I’ve been experimenting with a different drawing material; the original plates were exposed from drawings done on Truegrain, but I’m going to use drawings on tracing parchment for the next three plates, which will be 10cm squared as that’s the maximum size of so many miniature print exhibitions nowadays. I’ve adapted these drawings from my sketchbooks – I don’t want to split up my sketchbooks and this might turn out to be a good way  to develop the work in them – I have thousands of drawings!

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