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Friday The 13th!

13 Jul

I’m up in Bath and it’s a lovely morning, sun shining and birds singing. Poured down yesterday when I was invigilating our exhibition, Commensalis at Walcot Chapel, but I guess that encouraged people to come into the dry. I did this drawing from the inside looking out. Drawing architecture is challenging because I don’t want it to look like an architect’s drawing so, like with drawing plants, I have to develop a shorthand of marks and a distinctive style. When I was a kid and tried drawing in my own style, some teachers and older relatives used to tell me off because I wasn’t drawing ‘properly’, which meant drawing as copying, using academic techniques.

The Walcot Chapel is an early eighteenth century mortuary chapel in one of the older parts of Bath. In the past, many sick people came to the city to take the waters at the spa. Some didn’t make it and died here. Walcot was one of the mortuary chapels where they were laid out and buried. The small steeply sloping grounds are crammed with old, worn gravestones and tombs. I’m doing an artist-in-conversation here this evening at 6.30 – it’s Friday 13th. That’s going to be a bit spooky!

But before all that, Husb and I are having a day out in Bath with a nice brunch and a visit to the amazing Baths. We found this excellent guide book yesterday – it’s fascinating and also very witty so we’ll let it guide us round the city today. The author has the marvellous name of Gideon Kibblewhite.

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