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New Male Nude [parental guidance]

18 Jul

This continues my small-scale life drawings using Renaissance techniques and materials. Our model sat up high on top of a plans chest and I scrunched my chair quite close, underneath. This gave me a fairly extreme perspective and foreshortening. I deliberately look out for awkward poses  because – I’m a masochist? 🙂

I used some hand-made paper stained with a sepia ink wash and drew in Indian ink with a dip pen. I did highlights in white conte crayon and the shadows in ink wash with a small sable brush. The paper is approximately A6 in size. I’m going to the print studio next week to make some new solar plates and this is one of the drawings I’ll be using as a source.

Riot Police the untold story

18 Jul

Terrific blog from a lazy film maker 🙂

Not So Great Dictator Speaks With Words

I started making the Lego Riot Police films a few years ago. I’ve only made five because;  well to be honest it’s because I’m lazy and I should pull my finger out.  Nevertheless a certain theme has emerged which was not apparent in the first one. That theme being the very nature of existence. Typical sit-com fare.

I hadn’t really sorted out who the characters were or what their world view was in the first one so I concentrated on the minutiae of their life. Me being who I am it was always going to be about food and so doughnuts took centre stage.

Here it is. The mean streets of Britain and the difficult decisions made by hard working police every day as they struggle with the work/strife balance.


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