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Freaky Slug People

22 Jul


Yesterday I was a recorder in the ‘Disruption’ happening which was happening in Swansea City Centre. I was one of the artists recording the performances through the medium of drawing. There were some really freaky things going on, which certainly disrupted the city centre. Two blood-stained body bags were carried up the street to the front of a deserted building and two bizarre ‘slug people’ rolled out onto the floor, where they stayed for two hours twitching and occasionally making strange shrieking noises.


They got a lot of attention. Their faces were made of nylon stocking masks with revolting googly eyes and slashed mouths. Very horrible but also fascinating.

I wandered up and down the street drawing the happening in an appropriate costume. Here I am. It was hot and smelled of rubber.

Photograph by Sandra Demar.




Simon’s Cat in The Box.

22 Jul

Simon’s Cat – always brilliant – so well observed. Just my my evil furry feline felons

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