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Magpies And Ming

26 Jul

After three months of torrential rain, we have a heatwave. Normally I’m not a sun lover but I’m not complaining about this because the early summer weather has been so brutal. Unfortunately, I’m a gingery Celt and burn to a frazzle in strong sunlight so I’m keeping out of the sun throughout the day and getting outside in the early mornings and the evenings. I was sitting in the garden about 6am today, the cats and the local magpies were winding each other up, magpies screeching raucously. Of course I reached for my sketchbook and had a scribble, catching the young magpies on the roofs.

As I stood and drew, Ming The Merciless came and sat at my feet. So I scribbled her as well. It’s a very odd angle, I was almost directly above her, but it’s a good exercise to draw from stange angles. I picked some blueberries from the plant in the large pot and had them for breakfast with yoghurt and tea. Lovely. By 9am I couldn’t stand it any more and spent the day sheltering in my studio, like a vampire 🙂

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