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27 Jul

Sparta Puss here! I’ve taken control of the furless monkey’s pooter-box again. They’ve been out for a curry and an ice-cream and now they’re lying around like large sea-mammals out of water. Why any mammals would want to live in the sea is beyond me! Anyway, I’ve been busy hunting lately; a few dead ones but mostly bringing them in alive because it’s such a laugh watching the baldapes running round in a panic, shrieking the place down. It’s enough to make a cat laugh! They had some of their furless monkey-pals around for tea the other day – chicken and bread and butter pudding – I licked the pud, it was full of custard. I brought them a live mouse to spice things up a bit and they got terribly annoyed; said I was upsetting their visitors. Wusses!

The she-monkey has been doing etching stuff again. Keeps her out of trouble and off my case. Here’s one she did of me – it’s called a solar plate and she’s printed it in Intaglio Printmaker’s etching ink – Drypoint Shopmix with a smidgen of Easy Wipe in black onto Somerset 250gsm paper. I knew that.

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