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For The Wheelie King

4 Aug

Social networking media get a lot of criticism, but I’ve loved them from the start. I have to be strict or I could spend my entire life playing Scrabble on Facebook or hash tag games on Twitter, but I’ve made many interesting acquaintances and professional contacts as well as meeting up with long lost relatives on the other side of the world. I met an intriguing character on Twitter called Willy Wheelie Bin, who purports to be king of all the wheelie bins in Britain and lives in the green mountains of Norfolk. A very entertaining Tweetychum.

I recently took part in a two-hour public art event called Disruption II – I drew a record of the goings-on. One of the performers was telling stories of people’s pasts through a megaphone. She was stationed behind a rather fine grey wheelie bin. I thought of King Willy and how unacknowledged wheelie bins are – they are everywhere but how often do we stop to notice them and their stalwart work, keeping our streets clean? So here’s a drawing dedicated to King Willy Wheelie Bin and all the other wheelie bins across the land 😉

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