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6 Aug

I have an exhibition coming up and here is an invitation, just in case you’re anywhere near Swansea, UK. I blogged about this a few weeks ago but unfortunately the exhibition had to be delayed. ‘Rinascere’ is a new body of work comprising a series of solar plate etchings and the small, Renaissance-style drawings that inspired them.

‘Rinascere’ is an Italian word which means ‘to be reborn’ or ‘to revive’. I chose it because I have been deliberately working with Renaissance techniques and materials for some time and the word ‘rinascere’ is the root of the word ‘renaissance’. I also identified with it’s meaning ‘to revive’ in the light of the current art trends which have moved away from traditional skills such as drawing and etching. As anyone who has read my bloggage for a little while will know, drawing is at the heart of my artistic practice and I draw every day, usually blogging what I’ve scribbled, unless it’s an absolute stinker! Which happens 🙂

The etching above that I’ve used for the invitation is based on the tiny drawing below, which I did using a traditional dip pen and Indian ink and an ink wash, onto hand-made heavily-textured paper that I pre-coloured randomly with a sepia wash. I also used a bit of compressed charcoal.

I work with profressional models at the life-drawing group at Swansea Print Workshop and I work directly onto the paper with ink pens; I don’t sketch it out in pencil first. That’s for wimps 😉

If you’re around, please look in – the exhibition runs until November.

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