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Brits In The Sun

12 Aug

Had a few days away from the computer, entertaining some young relatives from abroad. On Thursday we travelled up to Bristol for the annual International Balloon Fiesta with scores of hot air balloons taking to the skies and lighting up and dancing to music in the dark. It was a scorching hot day and thousands of people did that typical thing when Brits get a bit of sunshine; strip off and expose white, alabaster flesh to the burning midday sun, quickly turning marbled red and pink, like acres of large lobsters in the skimpiest imaginable shorts. Not me – I have a HUGE hat and sunglasses and I stay resolutely covered up – I don’t like to have skin like pork crackling 🙂

And the other thing we Brits do in a heatwave? We find the tea bar and sit in the searing heat sipping boiling hot tea.  I was always brought up to drink the hottest possible tea when the weather resembles the inside of a volcano. I don’t know why. But that’s what we do.

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