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Drawn To Print

27 Aug

There’s an interesting programme running at Swansea Print Workshop [SPW] at the moment, involving three residencies from international printmakers who base their art practice on drawing. It’s called Drawn To Print. As well as a print studio set-up,  SPW also has a thriving life-drawing group and many artist/members who use their drawing skills extensively in the production of their original prints. As I do. I like to work directly from models in the life drawing sessions, usually directly into a sketchbook, then I rework the drawings, scaling them up to the size of my monotype plate (which is a posh name for my bit of perspex). Because I like to keep the drawings as original pieces in their own right, I usually do a very basic tracing of the form and use this beneath my perspex plate as the basis of my monotype.

The technique I use is here on my website. This is a young model who is also a soldier. He’s an excellent model and I’ve done a lot of work with him.

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