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Another One Bites The Dust!

8 Sep

I’ve reached the end of my sketchbook; my little leather covered, recycled Artbox A6 one that I have loved so much. I’m always a bit sad when I come to the end of a sketchbook (what a wuss, eh?) but also excited about starting a new one, because it will be different and my scribbling will be different in it. So here’s the last sketch I did, on Swansea beach at dusk. Throughout the summer there have been groups of artists working with children and adults to do sculptures out of stuff found on the beach and I came across this large charred log that had been hoisted up. From a certain angle it looks like a headless man. A sort of poor person’s version of  ‘Another Place’, Anthony Gormley’s metal figures on the beach at Crosby. It was a challenge to scribble this in a couple of minutes as I also had the sand, sea and sky to get in and they were all in the semi-dark. When I looked closely, they didn’t look like sand, sea and sky at all – I perceived them that way because I knew what they were, but in the lowlight they actually looked like something else. I keep reminding people when I’m teaching drawing – draw what you see, not what you think you see.

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