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Blocks And Cuts

12 Sep

I’ve been working on a set of nine block prints for some time now, picking them up and down when I’ve got time. I’ve proof printed the first three of the series, that I’ve called Voyeur and I spent this week cutting the remaining 6 blocks. Here they are, with my ‘swag’ Convers. I’ll proof print them tomorrow to see if I need to do any more cutting. I love block printing. Cutting the blocks is like drawing with knives – I think of it as a form of drawing. I’ve cut the images into 18cm square pieces of signwriter’s foamboard. I think it’s a PVC and it’s known commercially in Britain as Foamex. It’s easy to incise but quite hard to cut, so I design with this in mind, using fairly small areas of white, as these have to be cut out and I have to keep sharpening my tools every two or three cuts. Can’t wait to proof them – I’ll be covered in printer’s ink tomorrow 🙂

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