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My Chiropodist’s Leg!

14 Sep

I paid a visit to my chiropodist yesterday for my quarterly foot-hack. Anatomical study is important in both our professions and we have interesting chats about art and science. I frequently work from the resident skeleton at our art studios, Felicity. During our chat my chiropodist asked me if I wanted to hold his leg. Of course, I jumped at the chance. So he went to his cupboard, pulled out a long drawstring bag and took out the bottom of a human leg, below the knee. The skeleton I work from is a plastic cast, but this leg is real. It has a different weight and the bone feels more – organic I guess. He showed me how to arrange the bones as they should be, if the tendons and muscles and so on were there. When you hang a skeleton, the foot bones tend to splay out, but they should be arched and the tibia and fibula sit in a particular way on the top of the foot. Interesting stuff. Well, to me anyway.

Drawn in chalky pastels and compressed charcoal into a cream A2 sketchbook.

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