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Three Little Pigs

26 Sep

Sometimes I get up to some weird things. Earlier this evening I went along to the old police station which has been redeveloped as housing, a cafe/bar and artist studios. There are some odd little spaces within the depths of the building, including a small first floor courtroom! An artist friend is making a film inspired by George Orwell’s book, Animal Farm, and invited some people to take part. We donned pig masks, had our mugshots taken and sat in the juror’s boxes, posing as a porcine jury while a ‘farmer’ recited poetry to us from the witness box. Opposite sat three pig’s heads in white collars, posing as judges. It was a bit gruesome, facing three dead pigs that were oozing rather unpleasant fluids, but that’s the reality of farming and butchery and it was a good opportunity to draw something I wouldn’t normally have access to. I held a human leg a couple of weeks ago, regularly use rabbit-skin glue in the studio and this evening scribbled some dead pigs. What a job.

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