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…The Cats Will Play

21 Oct


Hiya. Sparta Puss here. I’ve managed to get my paws on the Pooter Box again while the fur-less monkeys aren’t paying attention. I’ve been having such fun with one-eyed Ming The Merciless who shares the idiot apes with me. The simian slackers went for a day out yesterday and, well, to paraphrase a well-known saying, “While the apes are away, the cats will play.” And boy, did we play.

First off, we wee-ed on the kitchen floor …. tee hee …… And then, I caught a rat and let it loose in the house ……. hahahaha ….. And THEN, Ming the Merciless vomited all down the back of the central heating boiler, too far down for them to reach to clean it up …. WAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH…… 😀

It was sooooo funny when they came home and ran around flapping their arms and shrieking and mopping up cat wee and setting rat traps and cleaning up rat droppings and trying to get down the back of the boiler and failing and then burning scented candles all night so they didn’t retch. It’s enough to make a cat laugh. And we did!

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