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That! Pesky! Kitteh!

27 Oct


My cat Sparta sometimes hijacks my computer and writes her own blog. This really annoys me because apart from the mucky paw prints on the keyboard, her blogs get about three times as many readers as mine! The CHEEK of it! And she manages to creep into my artwork too. I was working with an artist / model friend to develop this mixed media piece when Sparta, as a kitten, came charging into the room chasing a ball of paper. And ended up in the final piece (detail above).

And here she is again, creeping into a photopolymer plate intaglio print! The little minx! And she’s managed to get into the Winter Show at Oriel Ceri Richards in the Taliesin Centre. Next month. Maybe I’ll make some money out of her – to replace the curtains she shredded. And the rat traps we had to buy to catch the rodents she keeps throwing at my feet. And the toaster that Ming The Merciless (my other kitteh) threw up into. Maybe………



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