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Faces At The Window

31 Oct


There’s a brothel at the end of our street and sometimes the ladies sit in the window, looking out. Sometimes I surreptitiously sketch them. If they see me, they draw back and close the blinds. Locally, the policy seems to be to let them be, although technically it’s illegal. The brothels masquerade as ‘gentlemen’s health spas’ and other euphemisms. I would like to see them completely legalised, but as that’s not likely to happen anytime soon, I think it’s a good idea to live and let live. It gives public health officials a chance to offer healthcare to the ladies, many of whom are drug addicts and as they’re visible, it’s easier to make sure that they’re not being kept prisoner. Also, it’s safer for the women to be together in a building, rather than on the street and better for other women who don’t have to put up with kerb crawlers. I was kerb crawled a couple of times and it was horrible…..and frightening.


Eventually, these drawings will feed into a bigger, more structured piece in a body of work I’ve been planning for a long time, but I’m a long way from getting to grips with it. I’ve drawn them into my A5 recycled sari sketchbook with my Pilot v5 hitechpoint drawing pen.


Grass Mud Horse Style

31 Oct

Marvellous spoof on the Gangnam Style by dissident artist Ai Wei Wei – all power to his elbow!

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