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Stacks And Giants

1 Dec


We spent a while on a wonderful beach of black sand covered with shiny dark, coin-shaped pebbles, fringed with towering silvery basalt columns, like the ones at the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. I couldn’t resist scribbling and despite the snow, sketched some of the basalt with one of the Reynisdrangur sea stacks in the background. Husb snapped me from above. It was freezing. I managed about 3 minutes with my gloves off.

basalt stack

This is drawn into a Khadi hand-made paper sketchpad, 20cms square, previously prepared with a sepia wash sponged on randomly. It is drawn with a Faber Castell Pitt drawing pen, size S, and graphite block. By the way, my luggage was searched at Heathrow and my bag caused a stir because the chemical sniffing machine detected graphite and that’s one of their banned substance. They made a bit of a fuss until I told them that I’m an artist and carry blocks of graphite for drawing. They could’ve asked…….

stack cave

Husb photographed the sea stacks from a large cave eroded into the basalt cliffs.

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