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OOOFFF! It’s Hard

14 Dec

14 hands

I’m working from a life drawing that I did quite quickly and I didn’t have time to draw in a hand, so I need to construct one in the mixed-media piece I’m doing. I made a start by doing some technical exercises, working from anatomy books by Burne Hogarth and Sarah Simlett. I find hands very difficult and I don’t want to get the artwork muddy so I want to get the hand right first time. Nothing else for it but a day of practice. Took me hours and I still don’t feel confident enough to get stuck in. I’ll go back to it on Monday and try out a couple more hands. It’s really hard though, it’s much easier to draw from life.

I visited the El Prado art gallery in Madrid a couple of years ago and had a good look at their collection of paintings by Velazquez. I was well pleased that when I saw them close-up, there were all sorts of mistakes that he’d scrubbed out, but you could still see them, especially with horses hoofs. It makes me feel a bit better about all the mistakes I was making today 🙂

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