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Blowing The Cobwebs Away

1 Jan

01 seashore

New Day, New Year and it’s uncharacteristically dry and sunny here, although quite cold and bracing. After the sad week we’ve had, Husb and I decided to blow the cobwebs away and walked down to the beach. Husb went off on a 5k run and I power-walked a couple of kilometres then stopped for a spot of scribbling. I’ve set myself the task of getting more practice with land- and sea-scapes this year. I’m very comfortable drawing people and cityscapes and I need to push myself out of my comfort zone otherwise I’ll get complacent.

The brilliant sunshine gave the view a lot of contrast which was easier to draw than the usual multilayered grey gloom of a Western European coastal winter. I used compressed charcoal, conte crayon and white oil pastel into a 15cm square handmade Khadi paper sketchbook that I’d prepared with a random wash of dilute Indian ink, applied with a natural sponge.

It’s been a good day and a lovely start to the New Year. Loads of people on Swansea Bay and promenade, far more than we’ve seen for years, enjoying the sunshine, walking dogs and children and packing out the new cafe on the waterfront – signs of a new renaissance along the seafront maybe?

That’s Mumbles in the background, so named because some French sailors, upon seeing the twin islands, exclaimed “Mamelles” which means breasts in French. Those French, eh?

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